About Immotech

Years of experience in the real estate industry, helped us identify numerous drawbacks related to poor online management. We decided to use our expertise to develop efficient digital solutions that meet the specific needs of Real Estate professionals. IMMOTECH was created with two focuses, simplify Real Estate online management and create the best product presentation possible to reach customers.

3D interactive models

Thanks to modern 3D modeling techniques, we are able to bring your projects to life, even if they are still only plans on paper. Exclusive 3D interactive digital models implemented on the website gives customers the convenience to explore your project online. This unique feature allows you to explore each floor separately or the whole building at once. It also grants you the possibility to examine the light and shade of the building, at any given moment of the year, simply by selecting the time and date.

  • Fully interactive 3D models made available on the website
  • Explore the building from every angle
  • Inspect each floor independently
  • Examine the light and shade of the building of any date and time
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Modern, simple, convenient and well designed are what we have in mind when we develop our websites. A new generation website specifically designed for the real estate market is a must. We put all our skills to endow you with the best presentation possible.

  • Dynamic website fitting your visual identity
  • Website content management
  • 360 virtual tours
  • Chat window to communicate in real-time with clients
  • Display compatible with all types of devices, including mobiles
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Back office manager

For the Real Estate professional needs we developed tailor-made CRM & CMS solutions. A business software that simplifies and automatise essential frequent tasks, and allows you to update the content of your website at any time.

  • CRM: customer and prospect database management
  • Property management / ongoing project
  • Contract management / agents / visits
  • Automatic posting of ads on social networks and resale platforms
  • Commercial and financial performance statistics and indicators
  • Maintenance team available 7/7
  • Regular updates for ever more fluid and ergonomic use
  • Tailor-made improvements that integrate your preferences and suggestions
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ImmoInvest, a revolutionary solution that allows landlords and Real Estate professionals to issue and exchange tokens through a blockchain based technology platform, ProsperUs®. Tokens represent a certain amount of shares of the Real Estate asset. Our goal is to open up new investments opportunities to investors especially 'little money' ones and more importantly increase Real Estate market liquidity, eliminate the middleman and rise transactions volume.

  • Tokenized Real Estate blockchain technology

  • Investor verification by automating KYC, AML, accreditation and suitability checks.
  • Investment processing by streamlining the transaction process from document review and e-signatures to payments.
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